In case of technical problems while submitting abstracts call the hotline 011300077 from 09.00 to 18.00.

DEADLINE: May 1, 2023

Guidelines for abstract preparation and submission

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We are welcoming you to participate in the International Medical Congress of Armenia (6IMCA) by presenting your own piece of research. We are happy to announce, that the 6IMCA is going to be a physical event, which means you will have an opportunity to be chosen as a presenter during one of the oral sessions. That is why we highly encourage you to submit your abstracts and take a chance in becoming a part of this great scientific event.

Abstract submission is free of charge, i.e. you do not have to be registered at the moment of abstract submission. Feel free to submit your research advancements.

Key points before you proceed:

  1. Abstracts may only be submitted online. You may start the submission clicking the “create an abstract” button below.
  2. Abstracts submitted by fax or email will NOT be accepted.
  3. Abstracts may be submitted in English, Armenian or Russian. Abstract titles should be presented both in English and in submission language (see more I.2.). Abstracts written in any other language will NOT be accepted.
  4. Whenever you receive abstract acceptance letter, please make sure that the presenting author is registered.
  5. Each author may submit only one abstract per one email address. In order to send several abstracts, the author needs to register within the abstract system again with another email, which may be the author’s other email or an email provided by the co-author(s).

Abstract topics

Allergology and immunology


Cardiac surgery


Child and Adolescent health

Dentistry and maxillofacial surgery

Dermatology and STDs

Diagnostic radiology

Emergency medicine



Forensic medicine


General Surgery



Health and medical education

Infectious disease

Internal medicine

Interventiօnal cardiology

Interventiօnal radiology

Laboratory Diagnostics

Medical genetics


Nephrology and dialysis




Obstetrics and gynecology



Pain Medicine


Pediatric surgery

Pharmacology and Pharmacy

Physical medicine and rehabilitation

Plastic Surgery

Primary healthcare / Family medicine


Public Health



Sleep Medicine

Telemedicine/ New Technology in medicine

Theoretical medicine

Thoracic Surgery

Traditional and Alternative medicine

Traumatology & Orthopedics


Vascular surgery


IMCA 6: Abstract preparation and submission guidelines.

I. Detailed information on abstract preparation and formatting.

  1. There are three official languages for abstract submission: English, Armenian, Russian. Abstracts submitted in any other language will be automatically removed from the system.
  2. Choose a short and concise title for your abstract. It should reflect the contents of your abstract. Maximum word count for the title is 25 words. Abstract titles should be presented in English and in the language of submission within appropriate text lines. If an abstract is in English, then title should be written in both lines in English. You should avoid using abbreviations and special symbols in title area.
  3. Abstract body should not exceed 350 words. Please, respect reviewers and thoroughly proofread your abstract for grammar and understanding. All abbreviations must be defined the first time they appear in your text. Save a copy of the original text on your device for additional security reasons. Abstract should incorporate the following main sections in the given order:

Introduction – a brief overview of the accumulated evidence in a given research topic.

Methods – a short description of study design, research methods, implemented tools, and statistical analyses used.

Results must include primary research results. Make sure to provide sample size of the dataset, otherwise the abstract cannot be accepted.

Conclusions – summary of the results and other key messages to highlight.

       4.  Tables, charts, images or other graphics may not be included and will be deleted by the editors. 5. Please check your spelling and grammar before submission. 6. If you need to make corrections in your abstract after submission, please contact us by or indicating submission number and describing the change in letter.

II. Submitting an abstract.

  1. First you should define the research topic of your abstract. Choose one that applies from the drop-down menu in the “Research topic” area of “Abstract information” section.
  2. Please, choose one of the following presentation types in the “Presentation type” area of “Abstract information” section:

    – Poster presentation

    – Oral presentation

  3. Selected abstracts will be accepted for an oral presentation. The Scientific Committee reserves the right for final decision on selecting presentation type for candidates. Oral presentation format requires presenting author to be physically present during the presentation. In this case registration is MANDATORY. Otherwise, please inform Abstract reviewing committee beforehand to cancel your participation.
  4. In the area below abstract body you will find “Disclosures” section. Please indicate if you have any conflicts of interests (commercial, institutional or other kind of support), and if so, please write funding sources in a designated text area after checking the “Yes, I would like to declare a conflict of interest” box.
  5. According to our terms, submitted abstract should provide novel scientific information and provide a scientific value. Please beware, that according to our terms illegal use of intellectual property of third parties is forbidden. If you agree that your abstract is original and not published elsewhere before July 2023, tick the “I agree that my abstract is original and not published elsewhere” box to proceed.

III. After abstract submission.

  1. Please make sure that you provided the correct email address. Once your abstract has been submitted, you will receive confirmation email with the following information: – Abstract reference number (required upon registration and when contacting support) – The text version of final version of your abstract in the letter body
  2. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please check your Spam inbox and if still unsuccessful, please do not hesitate contacting us writing an email to  or

IV. Abstract review process and notification.

  1. Each abstract will be checked by a group of editors. If necessary, the editors will contact authors with possible suggestions to improve abstract quality. After receiving the final version of an abstract, editors will refer abstracts to reviewers.
  2. Each abstract will be reviewed by international board of experts in health and medical sciences from Armenia and abroad. Final decision on acceptance/rejection will be up to the Scientific Committee.
  3. Participants will be informed on the final decision in May 2023. The Scientific Committee will decide on the presentation type, whether the abstract should be presented as a poster or oral.

V. Publication.

  1. All accepted abstracts will be published in the Armenian Journal of Health & Medical Sciences ( online and print.
  2. Full text of regular abstracts will be published prior to the congress and distributed at the congress venue.